The Lakes meditation series featuring Adam Zelkind

The Lakes – The Spiritual Owl Meditation Series, Elements, featuring music by Adam Zelkind


The Lakes, as you stand at the foot of the vast and enchanted waters of the Great Lakes you expand into an empowered realm of endless possibilities.

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The Spiritual Owl Meditation Series (Elements), featuring Music by Adam Zelkind, take an inspiring journey with the natural wonders of the worlds elements, draw inspiration and empowerment from the very energy that flows through all living things and is at the very essence and core of the energy that flows within you, from the strength of the Mountains to the wisdom of the Plains, the grounding energy of the the Forests, and the replenishment of the Sacred Oceans, connect with your inner elements and celebrate with gratitude, the very gift of life that nature so freely shares with us everyday.

Available for download. Time: 11:10

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