The series will feature Meditations including The Aura & Chakra Clearing Meditation – an adaptation of the highly successful and acclaimed Aura & Chakra Clearing Event. And available now, The Lakes & The Night Sky from The Spiritual Owl’s Meditation Series. 

Take an inspiring journey with the natural wonders of the Worlds Elements, draw inspiration and empowerment from the very energy that flows through all living things and is at the very essence and core of the energy that flows within you, from the strength of the Mountains to the wisdom of the Plains, the grounding energy of the the Forests, and the replenishment of the Sacred Oceans, connect with your inner elements and celebrate with gratitude, the very gift of life that nature so freely shares with us everyday.

The Night Sky

The Night Sky, gently float into the quite depths of relaxation and begin to embark on a wondrous journey with the mysteries of the Night Sky.

Listen to a preview: The Night Sky.

The Lakes

The Lakes, as you stand at the foot of the vast and enchanted waters of the Great Lakes you expand into an empowered realm of endless possibilities.

Listen to a preview: The Lakes.

The Forest

Journey through the Ancient Forests, establishing firm grounded foundations, to build your trail ahead with renewed clarity and perspective.

Listen to a preview: Coming Soon.

Five Minute Meditation

Focus on centering oneself, to create a balanced, grounded, calm and peaceful, space, for you to journey in.

Listen to a preview of Five Minute Meditation – coming soon.

“My journey with Meditation has and continues to be an essential and deeply loved part of my daily practice and life. In creating and writing The Spiritual Owl Meditation Series, l wanted to be able to share the Joy, Fulfillment, Clarity, and Peace I have received from my journey with Meditation. Through this unique series I hope to be able to offer people from all-walks-of-life  the wonderful opportunity to connect with their own guide within. And navigate an inspired path for themselves, to live a life filled with love, harmony and balance, that will ripple and flow throughout our beautiful world.”

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Adam Zelkind is an eight time award-winning Songwriter, Composer & Producer. He has created cutting edge music for more than 1150 television episodes as well as various records, feature films and ads. His awards include ASCAP’s Most Performed Music on Television for two consecutive years. He continues to enjoy working with an array of some of the world’s leading Music Artists and Writers.

“I’ve meditated since the age of 15 and experienced the profound benefits. As a Musician I’ve always had a strong desire to create my own unique, original music scores to accompany my practice. Meeting The Spiritual Owl has allowed for the perfect collaboration and vision to transpire. l’m excited, not only to take this journey of discovery within myself, but also be able to share these inspiring Meditations with the rest of the world.” ~ Adam Z.

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