Home & Business Cleansings

The Spiritual Owl implements elements from various traditions, wisdoms and practices to assist in creating an abundant and harmonious space for your home and business.

It is said that every house/home, building and piece of land has a story to tell. This story is often about the energy within the space that has been left behind and imparted as an energetic footprint. Energy is left by the people, events and journeys over time that have taken place there.

This energy can stagnate and become blocked in many ways – deeply affecting the lives of those who come into those spaces long after the previous journeys have ended.

The energetic cleansing of the spaces you live in, work at, visit and spend time in, is an incredibly important part of our energetic daily life and wellbeing. Incorporating cleansings is a way of balancing and clearing those energies for a more lighter, peaceful and calm environment.

This allows the energy to be fluid, giving you a beautiful opportunity to attract a wealth of prosperity, clarity, peace, love, and happiness into your home, workspace and life.

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